Tuesday, May 11, 2010

My little fashionista...

Salma was invited to a birthday party yesterday, it was very cute to see her get ready. My daughter is quite the girly girl, she insists on dressing herself and even picks out all her accessories. I took her to Claire's that morning to get some colorful earrings and she was in awe when we walked in, she wanted everything, she insisted on a lip gloss kit- "mommy I NEED this", she couldn't decide between the one with two kittens pictured on it or the puppy in the bathtub, she went with the puppy! I guess when you're three those are your life's decisions.


  1. I LOVE that little girl! She is too cute!!!

  2. she's a big girl now!! so adorable!

  3. you just wait, your time will come...


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