Saturday, October 16, 2010

My sweater...

First let me address the fact that I only take pictures with my Blackberry, I lost the attachment that connects my camera to my mac to load my pics to my photo library ("sigh"). Now lets talk about how animal prints are serious business this season. This sweater is vintage Old Navy(I purchased it probably when I was getting a paycheck) but you can find animal prints in any store. Go get!


  1. first - i love that sweater...vintage or not. second - i'm buying you a sync cord for your camera so you can transfer pics from your camera to your mac. now, what kind of camera do you have? xoxoxo

  2. Love the sweater! You look great. Also, had to add that I have the appropriate cord for my camera but still use my blackberry.... gotta give it up for instant gratification sometimes. Hope you're having a fab weekend. :) xo e

  3. My sweet cousin Erin, you are not buying me a new camera attachment. Besides my anniversary is coming up Im sure Nicholas will get me one. LOL! Looking forward to seeing you next week. Plus I have to agree with Erica even if I had my attachment handy I probably would still use my phone:)


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