Monday, November 4, 2013


I just got a Clarisonic and I'm in LOVE... how was I washing my face BC (Before Clarisonic). The technology is amazing, you just glide over your skin and the quick motion sweeps you face clean and with a 1 minute timer, it tells you when you are done. Viola! Leaving your skin prepped and ready for your moisturizer or serum to sink right in and be more effective.

Tips to washing your face

1. Always wash your hands before you clean your face, clean hands equals clean skin.
2. If you have make-up on make sure to do a rinse first, facial towelettes are great for removing foundation and mascara and this way you don't ruin your Clarisonic brush with excess makeup
3. Make sure the water temperature is warm, never too cold or too hot.
4. Have a fresh wash clothe on hand and pat your skin dry, never rub.
5. Remember you don't need a fancy soap that suds bubbles, a mild cleanser like Cetaphil is perfect.      
6. Also that tight squeaky clean feeling is a no no, if you do all of the above, your skin will feel smooth and relaxed!

Found in any Drugstore

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