Monday, March 17, 2014

and this happened...

I survived my 40th, it was a great day thanks to my hubby and kids! I woke up to a house full of balloons and a table set with a gazillion presents. My husband made me feel like a true princess that day. My mom who rocks for having us also made some delicious persian kabobs that were out of this world, we really mixed up dinner representing all of our nationalities. I received a very special gift from my twin, a beautiful ring with our birthstone. Originally she was just looking to get me a ring but when she saw this she decided on "Sista Rings"! Thanks to the help of Julia Ballentine of Ballentine Fine Jewelry (every piece of jewelry I own is from her).

First Birthday March 1975

Homemade pasta by the hubby

Fresh Calamari made by my awesome husband

Our sweet niece-to be, Melissa (engaged to my amazing nephew) made this beautiful cake from scratch.

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