Thursday, May 8, 2014

Beauty Must Have...

My new obsession BeautyCounter. Amazing products that are great and good for you. I never really thought about the products I use on my skin and sadly in this country many toxins that would make you cringe are not regulated and are allowed to be used in most of the items in our home. Making conscious choices for my family is very important to me. At first it was all about my household items I used for cleaning, never did I even think about my everyday beauty products. Enter BeautyCounter, their mission to bring quality and safe products you can trust. They had me at Hello......I've joined their team and now can share with you everything that is great (and safe) about their collection. Check out my main page HERE for all your beauty needs and questions. To all my friends out there, expect to be invited to a social gathering to see for yourself why these products are so amazing...To Be Continued...
The Rose Water is my absolute favorite

Their Lip Sheers are gorgeous, I have one in Rose

Can't get enough of the Lustro Face Oil in Jasmine (2)
Check it....BeautyCounter has quite the celebrity following...

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