Friday, February 18, 2011


Yesterday jack & salma my biby tees were featured on Gwyneth Paltrows weekly newsletter GOOP and let me tell you, the girls got the golden touch because my little teeny tiny business just BLEW UP! Thanks GP, keep GOOPn'. I feel like I'm floating on air and want to share the goodness. One lucky reader will win their very own biby tee. Simply become a Follower and comment below which animal is your favorite and include your email. I will pick a winner next Friday. Best of luck!


  1. my favorite is the elephant- these are too super cute!
    anashct [at] yahoo [dot] com

  2. I vote elephant! if family can enter. if not, it's cool - i know i'll get one in time! :) so glad this happened for you Nicolle!

  3. Love the elephant! I just found out about your website on Goop yesterday - what cute T's! I'm going to buy them for all of my girlfriends having babies! (

  4. like the elephant too :). my email is jfk000@gmail. can u pls email me cause interested in selling ur article in my store....thank you

  5. I saw the GOOP mention and I am really proud to be one of the first customers, before Gwyneth fell in love.

    I love your Biby Tees. I bought for all my friends in Brazil and they loved it! Well done Nicolle! I would like to have "the elephant" biby tee.

    Muito sucesso!!!

    Luis (

  6. love these super cute tees! perfect for my nieces and nephews that dribble! i only wish i had kids then i would buy all 3 styles!

    well done nicole - super, smashing great!

    Fah (

  7. long time listener, first time caller. congrats nicole, i love the bibby tees! amber

  8. Nicolle....hungry, hungry hippo. Xo. Jules.

  9. Love the elephant....all the tees are super super cute:)Im sure my 6 month old is going to look so handsome.


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