Friday, April 23, 2010

We can change the world, one sandwich at a time...

I saw this book and thought; my sweet Salma must have this(Jack too of course). The book comes from Her Majesty, Queen Rania who was inspired by her own experience.  As written by Kelly Dipuchio, it is a warm-hearted and gently humorous fable about two girls who become aware of their subtle cultural differences, only to have their friendship strengthened as a result. Her Majesty travels the world promoting children’s causes as well as cross-cultural understanding and tolerance. 

The book follows two best friends, Lily and Salma. They play together and stick together through thick and thin. But who would have ever thought that ordinary peanut butter or plain old hummus could come between them? Lily and Salma don’t quite understand each other’s tastes, but does that mean they can't be friends? They understand far better than a lot of grown ups that these things hardly matter and that friendship is the most important thing of all.

Now that's a lesson I want to share with my children! 

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